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Why Beauty will save the world

«Beauty will save the world». Entire generations of poets, philosophers and artists have meditated these words from Prince Mychkine, out of the feather of the famous writer Dostoyevsky. In these times of pervasive misery, indiscriminate violence, natural or ecological disasters, talking about beauty could seem incongruous, inappropriate, even provocative. Almost a scandal. But because of this very fact, we see that beauty is the opposite of evil, at the other end of a reality we have to face. I am convinced that our urgent and permanent task is to stare at these two mysteries that constitute the ends of the living universe: on the one hand, evil; on the other, beauty. What is at stake is nothing less than the truth of human destiny, a destiny that involves the fundamental facts of our freedom.

The beauty I am talking about is the natural beauty, the sacred beauty, the inner beauty that elevates the soul, beauty that gives you inner peace. This beauty is universal; it is independent of culture, religion, gender or race. Every human being has the ability to understand this language.


I have a dream”. There are so many different projects, actions, associations, foundations, movements trying to save our planet. Each persuaded of the importance of their work but with limited impact because there are so many other important issues. I see that there is a huge amount of voluntary and a lot of digging in the own garden. What we need is a red thread which lies all these patches of important work and gives them the little extra power that our world needs today. United we’re stronger. This red thread should be the magic power of beauty.


- I’d like to form a small panel of wise humans from all continents, creating a real basic, simple manifesto about beauty.

- I’d like to propose to sign this manifesto to every organization, every individual on this planet.

- I’d like to educate people, develop their sensibility to see beauty because we protect what we recognize as beautiful.

- I’d like to empower people all over the world to engage for beauty each and every single day through small acts of beauty.

- I’d like to organize meetings, lectures, concerts, expositions… to raise awareness about the importance of beauty, to promote the manifesto and to plant seeds of beauty, grow beauty and culture beauty.

- For this, I’d like to create a structure, an organization, a foundation which is able to act accordingly and which is based, naturally, in a beautiful surrounding.


All you need is love”. I need people who love this idea and therefore are willing to support it with money and network power. Feel concerned? Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Who am I

Utopian”. The former german chancellor Helmuth Kohl said that only utopians are true realists. I am a Taxidriver of ideas, groceries, dreams and big pictures. I am a photographer of flowers, a revealer of beauty (what the stars are to the sky, the flowers are to our earth). I am a husband and a father. I am a kid with big dreams and I am often amazed. I am a dust particle. But I have the capacity to create fireworks.

Sven Ahlborn (03/24/1969), living in Switzerland.

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